Vol. 1. No. 1 A-1 April 1994
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TESL-EJ: Conception and Potential of an Electronic Journal

Roland Sussex
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
The University of Queensland


The nature and role of electronic journals have been widely discussed over the past few years, and there is an emerging consensus on the parameters of such journals and the space in which they operate. ESL, however, is an unusual area in being inter-and multi-disciplinary, and in having a constituency which in some ways is not like that of regular academic areas covered by journals. This paper discusses the conception and inception of TESL-EJ, a new refereed journal in the ESL area with a particularly wide mandate. Special attention is paid to the properties of electronic journals, how these bear on ESL, and how TESL-EJ could interact with its discipline to construct new ways of developing academic discourse.

Keywords:Electronic journal, electronic publication, networks, electronic networks, ESL(English as a Second Language

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