Vol. 1. No. 1 April 1994
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From the Editor

On behalf of the editorial staff and board, welcome to TESL-EJ. This project has been a labor of love for nearly a year, and we would like to thank everyone who has been instrumental in its evolution.

We would like to dedicate this first issue to Anthea Tillyer, who started TESL-L, the discussion list for ESL/EFL professionals. The journal is a direct descendant of TESL-L, and Anthea's early guidance helped us to organize this multi-faceted project. Thanks also go to Roland Sussex for moderating the original planning group.

We cannot be successful, however, without full participation of the ESL/EFL and applied linguistics communities. We would like to enlist your participationwe need submissions, reviewers, and emissaries to spread the word that we are here. We also need the good will of electronically sophisticated subscribers to help those who are less so. If you have a special talent to lend, let us know.

We hope that you will find our articles, reviews, and discussion useful and groundbreaking. If not, I hope to hear from you with suggestions as to how to make TESL-EJ better and more responsive to ESL/EFL and applied linguistics professionals throughout the world.

Best wishes,

Maggi Sokolik
UC Berkeley

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