Vol. 1. No. 3 March 1995
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A-1 Meeting In The Writing Center: The Field of ESL ; Lynne Ronesi (9 Pgs)
A-2 Remote ELT Training: Client-Centeredness as a Bridge from Theory to Practice ; John W. Bagnole and Neil J. Anderson (12 Pgs)
A-3 A Computer-Mediated Scientific Writing Program ; Roy Bowers (7 Pgs)
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Graham, Carolyn Rhythm and Role Play Lloyd Rogers
R-2 Ashkenas, J. Comics and Conversation Nancy Nishimura
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-3 Bailey, J. Begin in English, Vol. I & II Kristin A. Weidlein
R-4 Greene, J. F., and Woods, J. F. J & J Language Readers Jennifer Boyd
R-5 Keller, R The Kite Flyer and The Orange Grove Christine I. Hawkes-Lewis
R-6 Text Series Writers' Voices Liz Mejia
Content-Based Readers
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R-7 Bailey, J. From the Beginning: A First Reader in American History Isabelle Kreindler
Teacher Resource Books
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R-8 Auerbach, E. R. Making Meaning, Making Change David Ross
R-9 Nash, A. Talking Shop Lisa K. Miller
R-10 Coelho, E. Learning Together in the Multicultural Classroom Mary J. Schleppegrell
R-11 Holt, D. D. Cooperative Learning Jane Crawford
R-12 Cohen, A. Assessing Language Ability in the Classroom Robert Bayley
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-13 Conru, P., et al. Speaking of Languages Margy Lawrence
R-14 Rubin, J. & I. Thompson How to be a More Successful Language Learner Gene Halleck
Recent Second Language Acquisition Textbooks
Book Review Editor's Note: This special book review section contains reviews of six recent textbooks on second language acquisition, plus a summary review essay of all six texts. We welcome reactions and responses from people who have used any of these textbooks, either as teachers or as students. Reactions should be sent to sirujo@acs.bu.edu, and will be published in the next issue of TESL-EJ.

This section also contains reviews of a recent textbook on research methodologies in second language acquisition, and a workbook in second language data analysis.

Second Language Acquisition Textbooks
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-15 Brown, H.D. Principles of Language Learning and Teaching Shirley Ostler
R-16 Cook, V. Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition Kenneth R. Rose
R-17 Gass, S. & L. Selinker. Second Language Acquisition Herb Purnell
R-18 Larsen-Freeman, D. & M. Long. An Introduction to Second Language Acquisition Research Jean LeLoup
R-19 Lightbown, P. & N. Spada How Languages Are Learned Rita Silver
R-20 Scarcella, R. & R. Oxford. The Tapestry of Language Learning Marianne Phinney
R-21 Review essay Examining the Plethora of Second Language Acquisition Textbooks Robert Yates
Workbook in Second Language Data Analysis
R-22 Sorace, A., S. Gass, & L. Selinker Second Language Learning Data Analysis Herb Purnell
Second Language Acquisition Research Methodology
R-23 Tarone, E., S. Gass, & A. Cohen Research Methodology in Second Language Acquisition John Graney
Media Reviews
Code Title Reviewed By
MR-1 The Swiss Family Robinson: An Island Adventure [CD-ROM] Phil Plourde
On the Internet
Int-1 Traveling the Internet: Top 10 Stops for ESL/EFL Teachers and Students M.E. Sokolik
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