Vol. 2. No. 3 January 1997
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A-1 Computer Generated Error Feedback and Writing Process: A Link; Judy F. Chen (19 Pgs)
A-2 Quality versus Convenience: Comparison of Modern Dictionaries from the Researcher's, Teacher's and Learner's Points of View; Shira Koren (16 Pgs)
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Folse, Keith S., Speaking Fluency Activities for Advanced ESL/EFL Students Lynn Worthington
R-2 Shulman, Myra, Journeys Through Literature Echo Farrow
R-3 Wecksler, Cheryl, Study Skills for Academic Success Timothy Stewart
Supplementary Activity Book
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-4 Chan, Barbara, Kid Pix Around the World: A Multicultural Computer Activity Book Larry Davies
Teacher Resource Books
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-5 Chamot, Anna &: J.Michael O'Malley, CALLA Handbook: Implementing the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach Richard Orem & Shouyuan Wang
R-6 Ranard, Donald A. & Margo Pfleger (Eds.), From the Classroom to the Community: A Fifteen-Year Experiment in Refugee Education Thomas Nixon
Second Language Acquisition
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-7 Eckman, Fred R., Diane Highland, Peter W.Lee, Jean Milchan, and Rita Rutkowski Weber (Eds.) Second Language Acquisition Theory and Pedagogy Thomas Leverett
Media Reviews
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MR-1 MessagePad 130 Clyde A. Warden
F-1 Taking Stock: Assessing Five Years of Internet in the EFL/ESL Classroom Janet Sutherland,
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On the Internet
Int Finding Language Learning Resources on the Web Jim Duber
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