Vol. 2. No. 4 June 1997
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A-1 Listening to Lectures in L2; Taking Notes in L1; Shira Koren (16 Pgs)
A-2 Teaching Writing as a Process and Teaching Sentence-Level Syntax: Reformulation as ESL Composition Feedback; Sharon Myers(16 Pgs)
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Eric Burton and Lois Maharg, Going Places: Picture-Based English, Books 1 and 2 Cheol-Houn Lee
R-2 Susan M. Gass and Natalie Lefkowitz, Varieties of English Alfredo Marin
R-3 Mary S. Lawrence, Writing as a Thinking Process Robert Retherford
R-4 Mark Powell, Business Matters: The Business Course with a Lexical Approach Rebecca Long
R-5 Amy L. Tickle, Ecology and the Environment: A Look at Ecosystems of the World Sorel Friedman
Teacher Resource Books
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-6 JoAnn Crandall and Joy Kreeft Peyton (eds.), Approaches to Adult ESL Literacy Instruction Thomas Nixon
R-7 Jerry G. Gebhard, Teaching English as a Foreign or Second Language: A Teacher Self-Development and Methodology Guide Rita Silver
Second Language Acquisition
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-8 David J. Mendelsohn and Joan Rubin (eds.), A Guide for the Teaching of Second Language Listening Nicole Decure
R-9 Keith Johnson, Language Teaching and Skill Learning Anita Pincas
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-10 John M. Henderson, Murray Singer, and Fernanda Ferreira, Reading and Language Processing Brett Berquist
R-11 Charles A. Weaver III, Suzanne Manne, and Charles Fletcher, Discourse Comprehension: Essays in Honor of Walter Kintsch Robert Retherford
Media Reviews
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MR-1 Oregon Trail II Stan Johnson
F-1 The Very Heart of English? On Culture, Language, and the Native Speaker's Head Zsuzsanna Ardó
  A response to "The very heart of English? On culture, language and the native speaker's head" Tim Caudery
  The Author's Response Zsuzsanna Ardó
On the Internet
Int Report from the Trenches Jim Duber
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