Vol. 3. No. 1 November 1997
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A-1 Assessing the Metacognitive Growth of ESL Student Writers; Loretta F. Kasper (20 Pgs)
A-2 english or English? Attitudes, Local Varieties and English Language Teaching John Norrish (14 Pgs)
A-3 First and Second Language Use in Reading Comprehension Strategies of Japanese ESL Students Thomas A. Upton (27 Pgs)
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R-1 Ardó, Z., R. Bardgett, J. Clemence, K. Dameron, and D. L. Smith. Management English Listening Timea Szentesi
R-2 Becijos, Jeanne B. Global Views: A Multicultural Reader with Language Exercises Sorel Friedman
R-3 Kadden, Judi Traveling Through Idioms: An Exercise Guide to the World of American Idioms Stan Johnson
R-4 King, Kevin Taking Sides: A Speaking Text for Advanced and Intermediate Students Ken Klippenstein
R-5 LongmanFocus on Grammar Series:
 Fuchs, Marjorie and Margaret Bonner
    (High-Intermediate Course)
 Fuchs, Marjorie and Miriam Westheimer, with
   Margaret Bonner (Intermediate Course)
 Maurer, Jay (Advanced Course)
 Schoenberg, Irene E. (Basic Course)
Nicole Decure
R-6 Phillips, Deborah Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test
Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Test
Helen Huntley
R-7 Price, Planaria J. Open Sesame: Understanding American English and Culture through Folktales and Stories Cheol-Houn Lee
R-8 Tinajero, Josefina Villamil and Alfredo Schifini Into English! Suzanne Irujo
Teacher Resource Books
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R-9 Gibbons, Pauline Learning to Learn in a Second Language Rafael Salaberry
R-10 Lewis, Michael Implementing the Lexical Approach: Putting Theory into Practice Dieter Kranz
R-11 Mindt, Dieter An Empirical Grammar of the English Verb: Modal Verbs Terry Wynne
R-12 Nuttall, Christine Teaching Reading Skills in a Foreign Language John M. Graney
R-13 Wiley, Terrence Literacy and Language Diversity in the United States Beth T. Lewis
Second Language Acquisition
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R-14 Gass, Susan M. Input, Interaction, and the Second Language Learner Malcolm A. Finney
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R-15 Language, Reason and Argument
  Warburton, Nigel, Thinking from A to Z
  Thomson, Anne, Critical Reasoning
Zsuzsanna Ardó
Media Reviews
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M-1 EF International's "Englishtown" Maggie Sokolik  
On the Internet
Int The Paperless Classroom? Thomas N. Robb
Conference Watcher
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