Vol. 4. No. 2 November 1999
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A-1 Teachers talking about teaching: Creating conditions for reflection; Thomas S. C. Farrell (15 Pgs)
A-2 Etymology and Vocabulary Development for the L2 College Student; Tom S. Bellomo (7 Pgs)
Classroom Focus: Nigeria
CF-1 Teaching About Sexism with English Composition in a Nigerian Classroom; Yisa Kehinde Yusuf
Review Essays
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Kathleen Bailey  Learning about Language Assessment: Dilemmas, Decisions, and Directions
J. D. Brown (Ed.)  New Ways of Classroom Assessment
Nat Bartels
R-2 Dean Papajohn  Toward Speaking Excellence: The Michigan Guide to Maximizing Your Performance on the TSE® Test and SPEAK® Test
 Response from the author (in Volume 4 No. 3).
Sharon Myers
R-3 Gladys Valcourt and Linda Wells  Mastery: A University Word List Reader Helen Huntley
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-4 Keith S. Folse  Clear Grammar 1,  Clear Grammar 2 Robert J. Dickey
R-5 Tracy Henninger-Chiang and Judee Reel  Professional Presentations: How to Succeed in International Business Andrea Murau Haraway
Teacher Resource Books
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-6 Christine Pearson Casanave and Sandra Schecter (Eds.)  On Becoming a Language Educator: Personal Essays on Professional Development Arif Altun
R-7 Jana Echevarria and Anne Graves  Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching English-Language Learners with Diverse Abilities Linda S. Roth
R-8 Dana Ferris and John S. Hedgcock  Teaching ESL Composition: Purpose, Process, and Practice Beth Lewis Samuelson
R-9 Susan Gass, Antonella Sorace, and Larry Selinker  Second Language Learning Data Analysis (2nd ed.) Nat Bartels
R-10 Antony John Kunnan (Ed.)  Validation in Language Assessment Christine Coombe
R-11 Heidi Riggenbach  Discourse Analysis in the Language Classroom: Volume 1. The Spoken Language Jim Bame
R-12 Trudy Smoke (Ed.)  Adult ESL: Politics, Pedagogy, and Participation in Classroom and Community Programs Karen Woodman
R-13 Mark Warschauer  Electronic Literacies: Language, Culture, and Power in Online Education Saad AlKahtani
Language Acquisition
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-14 Birdsong, David (Ed.)  Second Language Acquisition and the Critical Period Hypothesis Tim Caudery
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-15 Susan R. Fussell and Roger J. Kreuz (Eds.)  Social and Cognitive Approaches to Interpersonal Communication Annalisa Baicchi
Media Reviews
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M-1 Pronunciation Power: A CD-Rom  Shira Koren  
M-2 Business Writing 2000: The Grammar Crammer  Melissa S. Carr  
M-3 Heinle & Heinle's Newbury House Online Dictionary Mark Peterson  
F-1 Why Do Teachers Teach? Harold A. Smith, Editor
On the Internet
Int Firewire & Creating Web-Based Video Jim Duber