Vol. 6. No. 1 June 2002
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Maggie Sokolik, Editor
A-1 The Contextual Reshaping of Beliefs about L2 Writing: Three Teachers' Practical Process of Theory Construction, Sima Sengupta & Maida Kennedy Xiao  (19 Pgs)
A-2 Students' Perceptions of English Learning through ESL/EFL Websites, Shiao-Chuan Kung & Tun-Whei Chuo  (19 Pgs)
Classroom Focus: Japan
CF-1 Using High Level Students As Teaching Assistants In A Mixed Ability Classroom   Sean Maddalena
Sorel Friedman, Editor
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Stacy Hagan & Jan Peterson Better Writing Through EditingYuehai Xiao
R-2 Sandra N. Elbaum Grammar in Context 1,2, & 3 (Third Edition) Kaye M. Dunn
Teacher Resource Books:
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-3 Marysia Johnson The Art of NonconversationJim Bame
R-4 Kathleen M. Bailey, Andy Curtis & David Nunan Pursuing Professional Development: The Self as Source Christine Coombe
R-5 Barney Berube  Managing ESL Programs in Rural and Small Urban SchoolsLisa Bauer
R-6 Ann Johns (Editor) Genre in the Classroom: Multiple PerspectivesJohn M. Graney
R-7 Patrick R. Moran Teaching Culture: Perspectives in PracticeNicole Décuré
R-8 Suzanne Irujo  Integrating the ESL Standards into Classroom PracticeAndrea Word-Allbritton
Second Language Acquisition
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-9 Eli Hinkel & Sandra Fotos New Perspectives on Grammar Teaching in Second Language ClassroomsCraig M. Machado
R-10 Eli Hinkel Second Language Writers' Text- Linguistic and Rhetorical FeaturesAlex Case
Media Reviews
Amy Burns Short, Editor
Code Title Reviewed By
M-1 Pronunciation Power 2 (Intermediate/Advanced)   Andrea Word-Allbritton  
M-2 Fonetiks   Guo Shesen  
M-3 Ultimate Writing & Creativity Center   Ann Perrelli  
Karen Stanley, Editor
F-1 The Role of English Language Teaching: Linguistic Imperialism or Linguistic Empowerment? Karen Stanley
On the Internet
Jim Duber, Editor
Int  Grow Your Own: Online Placement Testing   Maggie Sokolik & Jim Duber