Vol. 6. No. 3 December 2002
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Maggie Sokolik, Editor
A-1 Variation in EFL-ESL Peer Response Adina Levine, Brenda Oded,Ulla Connor & Iveta Asons  (18 Pgs)
A-2 'Noticing' in SLA: Is it a valid concept? Jeremy Cross (9 Pgs)
Sorel Friedman, Editor
Teacher Resource Books:
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 Michaela Canková & Simon Gill Oxfordbasics: Intercultural ActivitiesPanagiota Dimakis
R-2 Diana L. Fried-Booth  Resource Books for Teachers: Project Work (New Edition) Kaye M. Dunn
Second Language Acquisition:
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-3 Robert B. Kaplan, (Ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Applied LinguisticsTim Caudery
R-4 Marguerite Ann Snow, (Ed.) Implementing the ESL Standards for Pre-K-12 Students through Teacher Education Holly Hansen-Thomas
R-5 Elise Trumbull, Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, Patricia M Greenfield, & Blanca Quiroz Bridging Cultures Between Home and School: A Guide for TeachersJennifer Daniels
R-6 Zoltan Dörnyei Questionnaires in Second Language Research: Construction, Administration, and ProcessingRonald Gray
R-7 Roy F. Fox, (Ed.) Updrafts: Case studies in teacher renewalJohn M. Graney
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-8 Sonia Nieto (Ed.)  Puerto Rican Students in U.S. Schools (Technical Report #21)Zohreh Eslami-Rasekh
R-9 Sandra R. Schecter & Robert Bayley  Language as Cultural Practice: Mexicanos en el NorteZohreh Eslami-Rasekh
R-10 Nicholas Dimmit & Maria Dantas-Whitney (Eds.) Intensive English Programs in Postsecondary SettingsWilliam Menz
Media Reviews
Thomas Delaney, Editor
Code Title Reviewed By
M-1 Accent Lab, Version 2.2   Sue Almén-Whittaker  
M-2 Paragraph Punch   Robert J. Fouser  
Karen Stanley, Editor
F-1 Perspectives on Plagiarism in the ESL/EFL Classroom Karen Stanley
On the Internet
Vance Stevens, Editor
Int A day in the life of an online language educator   Vance Stevens