Vol. 8. No. 4 March 2005
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From the Editors

We're pleased to present a new issue of TESL-EJ. This closes out our eighth volume. Look for some changes with Volume 9, including a guest-edited issue, which will appear in September, edited by Thomas Farrell.

One change we've already undertaken, however, is migrating our email information. From now on, please communicate with the editors of the journal as follows:

@ tesl-ej.org
Book Reviews:
Media Reviews:
On the Internet:

Another change is that we have added an RSS feed, so that you can get announcements of new journal issues without subscribing. You can find out more information about the RSS feed at: http://writing.berkeley.edu/TESL-EJ/access.html.

With this issue, we also say thank you and good-bye to Karen Stanley, our Forum Editor, and Arlyn Freed, our Media Review Editor. We wish to thank them for their tireless service and excellent work. We will welcome Thomas Delaney back as the "new-old" Media Review Editor, and are currently searching for a new Forum Editor. If you know of a good candidate, or would like to be considered, please send your recommendations to the Editor at the e-mail address above.

Again, we thank you for your support of the journal, and we look forward to sharing with you the continuing changes and excellent articles and reviews.


Maggie Sokolik, Editor

Thomas Robb, Co-Editor