September 2005
Volume 9, Number 2

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Conceptions of Grammar Teaching : A case study of Teachers' Beliefs and Classroom Practices

Thomas S.C. Farrell
Department of Applied Linguistics
Brock University, Canada

LIM Poh Choo Particia
CHIJ Primary Schoo, Toa Payoh


This paper presents a case study that investigated and compared the beliefs and actual classroom practices of two experienced English language teachers with regards to grammar teaching in a primary school in Singapore. Areas where practices converged with or diverged from beliefs about grammar teaching are examined and discussed as well as the factors that have influenced the teachers' actual classroom practices. The findings suggest that teachers do indeed have a set of complex belief systems that are sometimes not reflected in their classroom practices for various complicated reasons, some directly related to context of teaching.

Keywords: EFL, ESL, Teacher Beliefs, Teacher training, Grammar Teaching, Reflective Practice, Singapore

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