December 2005
Volume 9, Number 3

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From the Editors


Our apologies for the lateness of this issue. Several events have conspired to put us behind. We hope you find it worth the wait, however.

First, a word about the events conspiring against us: we are suffering through a shortage of staff, and ask for your help. We would like to fill the following positions, as quickly as possible:

Forum Editor

This editorial position entails assigning columns to be written, culling (with permission) conversations from relevant discussion lists, or writing columns pertaining to the field of ESL/EFL. The editor should be well-versed in the conventions of written English, APA format (we can help with this), and topics of relevance to the field in general. If you are interested in this position, please submit your CV and a writing sample to Maggie Sokolik, Editor, at

Assistant Editor

This position entails keeping track of submissions, sending them to reviewers, corresponding with authors and reviewers, and maintaining regular correspondence with the Editor and Co-Editor. If you are interested in this position, please submit your CV and a description of relevant experience to Maggie Sokolik, Editor, at

Note that all positions at TESL-EJ are currently volunteer positions. This could change in the future if we decide to accept advertising, but at the present, we remain an ad-free publication. Editorial staff is listed on our masthead. Please contact the editors if you have questions about these positions.

We'd like to take this opportunity to note the departure of Sorel Friedman as Book Review Editor. Sorel has been a true asset to TESL-EJ having held this most demanding position for a full five years. Her presence will be sorely missed. We wish Sorel the very best in her work and future endeavors.

We're fortunate, however, that we have been able to find a new Book Review Editor, Will Seng, of the Technical Communication Program of the College of Engineering, University of California, Berkeley. Will's keen eye for detail and wide, global experience as a teacher and writer will serve us well. Welcome, Will.

The current issue presents an interesting array of topics and ideas. We hope you find them enlightening.

Maggie Sokolik, Editor
Thomas Robb, Co-Editor