September 2006
Volume 10, Number 2

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Teacher Development Through Reading Strategy Instruction: The Story Of Supriya

Susmita Pani
English Language Teaching Institute
Bhubaneswar, India


Despite the awareness that a large number of instructors of English teaching in the state board schools of Orissa, India are not good readers themselves, little has been done to investigate this area. This paper presents the findings from an exploratory study that focused on the development of in-service teachers when a reading strategy instruction program was offered to them. The presentation of this study is done through the description of a single case of a teacher named Supriya. Data for the study were collected at different times before and during the program, through: a questionnaire, interviews, participant diaries, a researcher's journal and think-aloud protocols. These data were analyzed qualitatively. It is through the story of Supriya that the author presents her analysis supporting the findings that the reading strategy instruction program has the potential to assist in teacher development.

Keywords: EFL, ESL, India, teacher development, reading strategies, reading strategy instruction, reading strategy training, reading proficiency, in-service training, language teacher education, Reading Strategy Instruction Program, mental modeling, teacher roles, teacher autonomy

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