Volume 21, Number 3 – November 2017

A Word from the Editors…


Editor: Thomas Robb

Feature Articles

Peter Teo, Bridging Policy and Practice: A Study of EFL Teacher Talk in China; pdf (pdf)

Junya Fukuta, Psychological Attributes of Unwillingness to Communicate and Task-based Instruction; pdf (pdf)

Eun-Young Julia Kim, Academic Writing in Korea: Its Dynamic Landscape and Implications for Intercultural Rhetoric; pdf (pdf)

Darrell Wilkinson, EFL Vocabulary Acquisition through Word Cards: Student Perceptions and Strategies; pdf (pdf)

Benjamin Luke Moorhouse, Barriers to Professionalism in the Native-Speaking English Teacher Scheme in Hong Kong; pdf (pdf)



Editor: Vance Stevens

Ellen Dougherty & Daniela Coelho, ePortfolios in English Language Learning: Perceptions of Arabic-speaking Higher Education Students;
pdf (pdf)


Editors: Okim Kang & Ilka Kostka


Rupert Haigh (2015), Legal English, 4th Ed.; Reviewed by Ryan Brendzy; pdf (pdf)

Teacher Resources

Maria Luisa Carrio-Pastor, Editor (2016), Technology Implementation in Second Language Teaching and Translation Studies, New Tools, New Approaches; Reviewed by Amin Shahini; pdf (pdf)

Gail Ellis & Nayr Ibrahim (2015), Teaching Children How to Learn; Reviewed by Robert J. Werner; pdf (pdf)

Announcement of Special Issue on Teacher Education

Initial abstracts due: 1 February, 2018