Vol. 8. No. 4 March 2005
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Maggie Sokolik, Editor
A-1 Corpora and Language Teaching: Just a fling or wedding bells?, Costas Gabrielatos (37 Pgs)
A-2 Barriers to Acquiring Listening Strategies for EFL Learners and Their Pedagogical Implications, Yiching Chen (20 Pgs)
A-3 Using Focus Group Methodology to Understand International Students' Academic Language Needs: A Comparison of Perspectives , Wei Zhu and Jeffra Flaitz (11 Pgs)
Sorel Friedman, Editor
Classroom texts
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-1 John Swales and Christine Feak  Academic Writing for Graduate Students: Essential tasks and skills, Second EditionRuth Breeze
R-2 Tim Collins  Access Reading 1: Reading in the Real WorldDana Horning
R-3 Stella Maidment and Lorena Roberts  Happy HouseDana Horning
R-4 Wendy Ashby  What Makes America Tick? A Multiskill Approach to English through U.S. Culture and HistoryVictor I. Ikpia
Teacher Resource books
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-5 Lesley Painter  Oxford Resource Books for Teachers: HomeworkNicole Décuré
R-6 Keith S. Folse  Vocabulary Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom TeachingDavid Johnson
R-7 Gordon Lewis  The Internet and Young LearnersWiroj Kosolritthichai
Applied linguistics, history and research
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-8 Marysia Johnson  A Philosophy of Second Language AcquisitionWendy Lam
R-9 Vivian Zamel, Ruth Spack, Eds.  Crossing the CurriculumFiona Lawtie
R-10 Timothy Reagan  Non-Western Educational Traditions: Indigenous Approaches to Education Thought and Practice, 3rd editionMarie Thormodsgard
Technology in education
Code Title & Author Reviewed By
R-11 Phillip A. Towndrow and Michael Vallance  Using IT in the Language Classroom: A guide for teachers and students in AsiaKevin Ryan
Media Reviews
Arlyn Freed, Editor
Code Title Reviewed By
M-1   Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (CEPD) on CD-ROMWlodzimierz Sobkowiak
M-2   Reading for MeaningKeun Huh
M-3   Costello—English Through ImaginationNicolas Gromik
Karen Stanley, Editor
F-1 Ms. Conceptions: Gender and Identity in EFL/ ESL Online Contexts Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney
On the Internet
Vance Stevens, Editor
Int Tools For Online Collaboration  Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Buthaina Al Othman